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Free Tax Preparation

Through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, Long Island individuals and families with low to moderate incomes can get free help with tax preparation. Services are provided each tax season by IRS-certified tax preparers. Using this service helps families avoid unnecessary fees charged by commercial tax preparation companies.

VITA program sites can be found across Long Island. Bethpage Federal Credit Union has participated in the VITA program for more than 10 years and offers assistance at branches in a number of communities. For times, dates and locations of Bethpage VITA sites, click here.

For information on additional VITA sites in Nassau County, click here. For information on additional sites in Suffolk County, click here.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC is a federal and state tax credit for working families and individuals. Each year, many workers overlook this important tax credit simply because they do not know about it. In 2014, the EITC could add more than $7,500 to a Long Island household's income tax return, yet more than 20 percent of eligible households leave their money in Washington each year because they don't file. Working families can ensure that they access this benefit by getting free tax preparation services through the VITA program.

Qualifying Long Islanders can file retroactively for up to three years, sometimes doubling or tripling refunds. Full-time and part-time workers, including self-employed workers, who are legally authorized to work in the United States, are eligible for the tax credit.

Additional information about the EITC can be found in this report from the National Community Tax Coalition.

Warning Against Instant Cash Advances: It's a Loan!

Marketed as a way to get tax refunds more quickly, instant cash advances are actually short-term loans secured by a commercial tax preparation company that could carry hidden costs, including high fees and interest rates. Save your money this tax season! Keep all of your refund by filing your tax return at a free tax preparation site.


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