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Long Island Council of Churches

This November we are highlighting a long-time partner and member of HWCLI, the Long Island Council of Churches.The LICC uses its extensive network of social support resources and its ability to mobilize the volunteer and advocacy efforts of nearly 800 faith communities. As the largest ecumenical and interfaith organization in our region, the LICC is uniquely qualified to respond to the emergency needs of at-risk and vulnerable families. They serve more than 43,700 individuals and families in crisis annually through its Emergency Food and Family Support Programs.

Their Family Support Programs provide a variety of different services to assist individuals. Everything from mortgage and rental assistance, utilities, fuel and gas assistance, prescription and transportation assistance, and much more so that their clients can focus on securing employment, or get through a rough patch.

Reverend Dyanne Pina replaced retired Executive Director, Tom Goodhue in June, after he served the LICC for more than 17 years. At the annual ‘Share the Harvest’ event in October, LICC honored Tom Goodhue who retired in June after 17 years serving as Executive Director of LICC. Tom was recognized for his work transforming the organization. Today, the Long Island Council of Churches feeds more than 24,000 Long Islanders a year as well as helping thousands more with other basic needs.

Under the new leadership of Reverend Dyanne Pina, the LICC continues to help low-to-moderate income Long Islanders with their basic needs. Her goal is to “build upon an incredible legacy of support and service." We know the Long Island Council of Churches will continue to serve the poor, needy and powerless on Long Island from all walks of life.

supporting your neighbors
Providing support to HWCLI means supporting your neighbors in need.

The Health & Welfare Council of Long Island is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization. Individual contributions are tax-deductible as charitable contributions to the extent allowed by law.

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