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Dedicated to HWCLI’s wonderful employees, partners, and community advocates. Each month we spotlight an exceptional individual or organization making a difference on Long Island.

Jackie Ratner

This month we are highlighting HWCLI’s highly-skilled Disaster Planning Coordinator, Jackie Ratner. Jackie joined HWCLI in September of 2016, and in her short time here, has made an incredible impact on the organization and the region, as a whole.

Jackie is a Long Island native, born and raised in Northport, but for the last nine years has traveled to different communities all over the world engaged in case studies on disaster vulnerability and resilience.

Jackie brought this experience to HWCLI and now heads the Long Island Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (LIVOAD), which is a coalition of non-profit, government, and for-profit organizations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties committed to working together in the areas of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

She reignited the presence of the VOAD on Long Island after the Long-Term Recovery Group, a response group dedicated to disaster recovery, ended in November 2016. Jackie brought people back to the table in regards to disaster preparedness. Her work wit h the LIVOAD catalyzed a second iteration of the Unmet Needs Roundtable program, helping victims of Superstorm Sandy to reach a sustainable recovery.

Jackie has created and maintained an online presence for the LIVOAD with the creation of, a one-stop shop for resources, meeting notes, and all things disaster preparedness. She, along with about fifteen VOAD partners have worked on resource toolkits to frame the work of disaster resilience such as volunteer and donations management.

Jackie’s work has been instrumental to HWCLI’s growth in the last year. She has forged relationships with local, state and national partners and has worked to ensure that our region is magnifying opportunities for disaster preparedness. HWCLI is proud to spotlight Jackie’s magnificent work and we are so grateful to have her as an integral part of our team!

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