HWCLI’s 2017 Annual Meeting

We are very excited to invite you to HWCLI’s 2017 Annual Meeting on September 7th.  During this meeting, we will unveil a new meeting structure and share important information about a number of things coming down the pike, including the CBO grant, a new Medicaid initiative and great opportunities that HWCLI is busy creating for our network of nonprofits.  Come and hear about a new vision that expands our work and collaboration with all of you to make Long Island a region that values every individual, family and community!

This event is free to all organizations and individuals who are up to date in their dues. If you are not up to date, please complete this form and pay your dues online or via check.  The price per ticket if not up to date is $25/person and is payable by check to the Health & Welfare Council of Long Island.

For any questions regarding dues and to RSVP, please contact Peggy Kruger at pkruger@hwcli.com or (516) 505-4428.

We can’t wait to see you there!