Policy and Advocacy

HWCLI’s advocacy efforts are always focused on increasing access and equity for Long Island’s at-risk and vulnerable communities. These advocacy efforts can be in response to a newly identified need such as Sandy or recently arrived children, introduction, cut, expansion or expiration of a policy or bill such as the Farm Bill, government budget cycle on the local, state or federal level, or development of a new program such as DSRIP or the ACA. Many times, HWCLI’s members and partners across the region and state will call us to ask us for help with an issue. At times, HWCLI’s advocacy is very public through coalition building, press conferences, and letter campaigns. Other times, it is behind the scenes through private meetings and phone calls. Be it out in front or in the background, HWCLI’s advocacy efforts are independent of the interests of solely preserving agencies, unbiased toward one community over another, politically neutral and ALWAYS in the best interest of at-risk and vulnerable Long Islanders.

Some of HWCLI’s recent advocacy efforts included:

Disaster Response

HWCLI and its partners successfully advocated with Long Island’s congressional representatives and New York State for the continuation of Disaster Case Management.

Unaccompanied Children

HWCLI and its partners advocated with NYS Department of Education to enforce proper registration and enrollment policies in Long Island school districts leading to positive change in many districts.

Nutritional Security

HWCLI met with Suffolk County Department of Social Services (DSS) to identify ways HWCLI could work with DSS staff to increase access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for clients. HWCLI SNAP staff and Suffolk DSS Benefit Supervisors have established a weekly communication system to identify barriers for clients seeking SNAP benefits and develop solutions together to best meet the needs of clients.

Access to Healthcare

HWCLI and its partners are advocating with Nassau’s and Suffolk’s Performing Provider Systems (PPS) for a comprehensive and culturally competent health and human service delivery network.

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